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Our full development services draw on the expertise of a large pool of Web Developers. We help in building e-commerce stores and portfolio sites to grow business and win over modern consumers.


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Nerds Block was founded in 2018 and since then has developed into a trusted provider of full-stack development services. Working around the globe, we help businesses thrive and grow by building websites, online shops, e-commerce stores, portfolio sites, and other related services on WordPress, Shopify, and other platforms. The NerdsBlock mission is making their clients stand out in an age where everyone is a web developer and expert in SEO by providing real-world & customized solutions in an honest & respectful way.

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Experienced Web Developers

Gain Digital Success with Nerds Block We define, build, and scale development companies while maintaining quality and improving productivity.

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To Boost your business growth, scale, and achieve massive success.

Website Development

Get time-tested and most efficient web development solutions EVER. We design, develop, and integrate web applications that help grow your business.

SEO & Content

NerdsBlock is an SEO company that tailors SEO strategies based on your needs, so you don't have to worry about ranking higher & getting more traffic even if you're not an expert in SEO.

Software Development

Get expert advice from our software engineer. Make use of our team of software engineers to design, develop, and support new quality software for any industry.

Facebook Marketing

Want to experience the real results from Facebook advertising? Utilizing time-tested Facebook tactics, strategies, and testing techniques, we accelerate results.

Instagram Marketing

Save time & build brands with our Instagram marketing services. Boost your business’s online presence, improve search engine rankings, and increase sales in no time.

CMS Specialist

Do you need a trustworthy, well-organized content manager? As CMS Specialists, we can offer all the support you need to meet your business challenges.

Squarespace Services

Looking to design a Square Space website? You can get exceptional design and coding services through us, and create elegant and effective digital platforms to boost your online presence.

WordPress Services

NerdsBlock Custom WordPress Development Services are targeted to meet the high-end needs of business websites. We will think of every aspect of your WordPress development needs.

Shopify Services

Market your business effectively. We offer Shopify Development services to help you create a strong brand image, gain visibility, and achieve substantial sales.

Frequentily Asked Questions?

Help your business respond toWebsite Development FAQs

How much industry experience do you have?

NerdsBlock is a safer & more effective service for the business with 4 years of dedication and professionalism.

What is your specialization?

We specialize in creating e-commerce stores and portfolio websites for businesses and individuals. We’ve created over 600 websites and online stores. On WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, Bubble, WordPress, and other platforms, we’ve developed a sixth sense for excellent design. Website development (PHP, Laravel, MySQL), CMS development, SEO, and digital marketing (Facebook & Instagram) are some of our other specialties.

Why Choose NerdsBlock as a Web development company provider?

With our expertise and experience, we have served a number of clients around the world. With our personalized, revolutionary, and diversified web development services to expand any business, we always endeavor to deliver the highest result. Our specialists have in-depth technical skills, methodologies, strategies, numerous web development frameworks, and programming languages to give the best outcomes in line with modern world demand needs.

Why are your prices so low? Do you outsource your development?

Absolutely not. We run everything in-house, from designs, to full back end development. Our prices are so low because we believe in long term relationships, not “one off” deals where we take as much as possible from each client. We’re disrupting the way agencies charge for custom built websites.

What is the best price guarantee?

Please contact us to find out more, as this is one of our key competitive advantages. In any case, the name pretty much says it all.

Do you use templates?

We are strongly against the use of any templates, or pre-built sites by third party developers, as there are security concerns involved, and more importantly, most prebuilt templates have tons of limitations and are as slow as hell. All website we deliver are custom built according to the requirements of your business.

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